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Pest Control

Pest Control | Bowden Termite & Pest Control - Ft. Gibson, OK

Regular pest control will help maintain the structural functionality and safety of a home. Many varieties of pests and rodents are prevalent in Ft. Gibson, OK, and the surrounding areas. Homeowners and residents have been troubled by spiders, fleas, bedbugs, mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and weevils. Although home improvement stores and warehouses offer solutions to some of these infestations, they are difficult to implement and manage. Most people, therefore, rely onprofessional pest control companies.

Homeowners across Ft. Gibson have several options but Bowden Termite & Pest Control offers some clear advantages.

• Trained Technicians—All the employees at Bowden Termite & Pest Control are fully trained and possess the state tech license. The owner also possesses the state applicator license. The staff is experienced to handle every type of pest prevalent in the area. They are courteous, friendly and dependable as well.

• Specialized Plans—The companyoffers a variety of plans and programs that meet the needs of most homeowners in the region. Homeowners can call Bowden Termite & Pest Control service representatives during business hours to learn more about the programs. • Flexible Schedules—Bowden Termite & Pest Control understands that most homeowners lead busy lives. The company’s staff will consider the convenience of the clients before scheduling the appointment.

• Cost—All pest control plans are offered at an affordable price. Clients pay an initiation fee followed by monthly service fee. The service includes most types of pests except bedbugs, fleasand cockroaches.

• Management—Bowden Termite & Pest Control has been in business since 1966. The company’s owner has been working since his childhood and earned his license when he was only 16. He understands the needs of the homeowners and motivates his employees to offer the best service.

All these advantages make Bowden Termite & Pest Control an obvious choice for pest control. Homeowners should call and sign up for their service today!